In the digital marketing world, you market your business in thousands of ways. One of these is creating a website. You can create your own business website in numerous ways- free and paid. Creating a website is called website development or web development. Everything you do throughout the process of your web development can make or break your business. One of the most important aspects of website development is website design or web design. It pertains to the overall layout or the appearance of your website. It pertains to the user experience aspects of web development. And this web design can affect how your digital marketing goes.

Importance of Web Design

Web design does not only pertains to the look of the website on a desktop monitor now. But it also must consider how the website will look when accessed through mobile devices because mobile devices are now popular and more convenient to access websites whenever and wherever. That said, we will now talk about why web design is important to digital marketing and business.

First Impression

When first-time visitor visits your website, they will be welcomed by a landing page. This will be their first impression of your brand. If your web design is not pleasing to the eyes of your visitors, chances are, they will leave and go to another website. Therefore, a well-designed website page will leave a positive impression and feedback from the customer.

Building Trust

Have you ever encountered a website that seems sketchy? Just by looking at it, you doubt that the website is secure. A website that looks reliable and professional will gain its customer’s trust. On the contrary, a vague website design will leave customers in doubt. They can think that by accessing your website, they will run into some virus or that their personal information is not secured. Ensure that the web design of your websites embodies professionalism.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An SEO-optimized website will rank higher in search engines, which is one of the goals of digital marketing. It allows the business to become even more visible to its potential customers. When a web page makes use of SEO, it means that they took the time and effort to optimize their page by using the right keywords and phrases in their website content. Thus, it will be easier to navigate and scrawl-friendly.

Conversion Rate Optimization

A well-designed website increases the chance of having a higher conversion rate – a percentage of users who completed a certain task). This involves using the right call-to-action (CTA) words or buttons. Therefore, you will generate more leads and increase your profit.


Remember the famous words “less is more.” You don’t have to bombard your visitors with many words or graphics. Keep it plain and simple but with high functionality. Only include what you want your customers to know and what they are looking for. Many words and graphics can overwhelm your customers and make it hard for them to find what they want.

Improve your Web Design for Digital Marketing

We now know that web design is important for digital marketing. But how do we improve our web design in our web development process? First, keep it simple. As mentioned before, less is more. So, utilize white spaces to make your content readable so that your visitors can focus on other elements, like images on your web page. Do not use fancy font styles; make them more modern and professional. You can use font styles like Open Sans, Montserrat, and Roboto, which are easy to read. Second, increase your page speed. Nobody has the time to wait for a website to load, right?

People who have encountered pages with a slower load speed will exit the website and find another one. Try compressing your images, if there are any, as images are one of the causes of slow page speed. Third, make use of bullet points to indicate important details like benefits, solutions, services, and key features. By doing so, the visitors will easily easy what are the important details they need to know about a website.

Fourth, use headings to separate your content. If your website contains different contents, make sure to separate them using headings or titles for easier navigation. The visitors will know what they are reading or seeing through the heading title. Additionally, include keywords in your headings to have a higher possibility of ranking in search engines. Lastly, be consistent. This pertains to the layout of the web pages in a website having the same layout or appearance. Maintain the same look, like color., font style, and font size of your web pages.

That said, good web development services will ensure that your website is well-designed to attract more customers, resulting in generating more profit.