Digital marketing in business refers to using digital channels, such as search engines, social media, email, and other online platforms, to promote a brand, product, or service. Digital marketing is an essential part of any business, not just in the Philippines but worldwide, as more and more customers are using the internet to research and purchase products or services.

Gone are the days when businesses rely on traditional forms of marketing. So how did digital marketing influence the marketing industry in the Philippines?


Digital Marketing is accessible anytime and anywhere if you have digital devices like smartphones, desktops, tablets, or laptops and an internet connection. That’s why it is easier for businesses to start their marketing campaign immediately. For example, a business will no longer need printing services to print the flyers, newspapers, or magazines they will use to market their brand. Instead, they only need to design the graphics and post them online. And anyone with digital devices and an internet connection can access the business marketing campaigns.

Broaden Reach

There are about 85.16 million internet users and 168.3 mobile cellular connections in the Philippines this year. As mentioned, these are all people need to receive the marketing or advertisement of the business. So as long as businesses post their advertisements online, many people will be able to see them, even those far from them. Even people internationally will get to see their advertisements, given that their digital marketing campaigns are optimized enough to increase their visibility. As a result, the business will increase its brand awareness. The more users they reach, the higher the chances of increasing their sales as well.


Back then, businesses were only given limited tools when advertising their brand. They can only do as little as print their paper advertisement or buy commercial slots. That said, they need more ways to personalize their marketing campaigns based on their target market information. But it gives businesses tools to personalize their marketing campaigns. For example, companies can now set where they want their advertisements to be sent out. For example, in Facebook Ads, businesses can set a location near them to get more local customers. Additionally, companies can now utilize their business emails to send personalized advertisements to their email lists that have subscribed to their newsletters.

Unified Channels

Digital marketing is not only limited to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, they are the most popular platforms in digital marketing. It can be done in multiple ways, such as through websites, email, and search engines. But even though you use different digital platforms for your advertisement, you can integrate one into the other. For example, you publish blogs on your business website. You can share these blogs or your own website page on your social media accounts. Back then, this isn’t possible. For example, if you have a TV commercial, you cannot integrate the video commercial into paper advertisements; that’s physically impossible. But with digital marketing, you can share any type of advertisement on any platform. Most of them support all types of advertisements – images, videos, and blogs.


If you choose digital marketing, you will encounter little to no fees at all. Creating social media accounts is free, and there are also ways how you can create your own websites for free. Unlike paper ads, TV Commercials, or radio shoutouts, digital marketing is often free. You may only encounter fees when choosing paid advertisements, like Facebook or Google Ads. The fee will depend on several factors, like the duration of the advertisements or the number of people that clicked the advertisement. The average cost of paid advertisements in the Philippines is about PHP 50 only. You may also have to pay for additional tools, like search engine optimization (SEO) or photo design tools, to create your advertisements. And if you want a more specific domain for your website like, .com, .org, .gov, or .edu, you also have to pay for them. Nonetheless, the expense of traditional marketing, compared to digital marketing, is relatively high than the latter, and you can also opt for the free alternatives.

Digitalize your marketing!

If you have a business, digital marketing is your way to go, especially in today’s generation. In fact, more businesses are now going online and digital. You should also start digital marketing now to keep up with your competitors. It is less risky and cheaper than traditional marketing. So partner with a digital marketing agency in the Philippines to provide you with the best digital marketing services.