May be an image of 5 people and text that says 'GCWEBEXPERTS NAKAPAG -UPDATE ATLEAVE ΑΝΟΤΕ NA BAANG LAHAT? 2 Chats Search halimaw kahit 87%+ pleaseeeeeeee talaga lang ha icedcoffe pls Papatak ahmad Take a look at this Messenger new update that bears a striking resemblance to Instagram's Notes /GCWebExperts @gcwebexperts GC Web Experts'

Once again, Mark Zuckerberg has taken the internet community by surprise with his new Facebook Messenger features! Meta silently updated the Messenger app to include Notes as a status message for all users.

The concept behind these Notes is that users can create short notes or a thoughts bubble for their followers and friends, which appear at the top of their inbox. Within these notes, users can write up to 60 characters, including text and emoji, providing them with a means to express themselves and connect with others. The best feature of Notes is that users can immediately reply to other users’ notes, starting a private conversation between them that only they can see. Let’s see if Meta will continue to offer this new communication option in the future.

In order to try or experience this Messenger notes, kindly update your messenger app in your Google Play store/App store.

As of now, only the Android and iOS versions of the Messenger app now offer this capability. The Notes feature of the Messenger app is incompatible from the desktop and online versions, thus we assumed that Meta will only limit its availability to the mobile app version for now.

Have you left a note already?